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Cero Coma Sparkling

Cero Coma Sparkling, the new alcohol-free sparkling wine from Vicente Gandía

The Valencian winery expands its range of non-alcohol wines with a new sparkling

The Valencian winery continues to focus on satisfying the needs of its customers and growing in the market of consumers with a healthy lifestyle such as: athletes, people whose religion does not allow them to consume alcohol, etc. Trends in beverages have shown that there is a part of society concerned about high alcohol consumption.

Until now, this range was made up of two references: white and red. Now, Bodegas Vicente Gandía has decided to expand this range with a new reference, a sparkling.

Cero Coma Sparkling stands out for its crisp and persistent bubble, it has a pale yellow colour with greenish reflections. On the nose it is reminiscent of harvested fruit with fresh notes and on the palate, it is sweet and long. It is a dealcoholized wine from its highest altitude and lowest grade vineyards.

This range is made through a non-alcohol technique. A technique in which no chemical substance foreign to the wine is involved, the result is natural and of high quality. It should be noted that it is a meticulous work of maturation and reconstruction of non-alcoholic wine. This non-alcohol technique is mainly characterized by two methods: low temperature evaporation and aroma recovery.

Cero Coma is a non-alcoholic alternative for those who, by choice or necessity, cannot enjoy a glass of wine. This range allows Vicente Gandia to explore new markets at a national and international level.

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