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Guía Peñín

The Peñín Guide endorses the wine project of Bodegas Vicente Gandia with its high scores

The most iconic wines of the Valencian winery scored above 90 points in the 2024 edition

The Guía Peñín, one of the most internationally recognized wine guides, has advanced its scores for the 2024 edition. Bodegas Vicente Gandia has received more than 90 points in 3 of its most iconic wines: Ceramic Monastrell, Clos de Gallur and Ceramic Sauvignon Blanc.

Ceramic Sauvignon Blanc has been scored with 91 points. It is the latest release from the winery. An elegant white wine, with aromas of ripe tropical fruit and citrus like mango and pineapple, herbaceous like fresh hay and spices like pepper and elderberry. Very good unctuous depth and a sweet and floral side. On the palate it is lively with good citric acidity and fine exotic smoked notes.

Bodegas Vicente Gandia has developed Ceramic Sauvignon Blanc at Bodegas Urbanas, a place dedicated body and soul to wine tourists and wine lovers. It is the first reference bottled by Vicente Gandia in Bodegas Urbanas and it is the first wine to be released within the Valencia Wine Community project. The careful elaboration carried out by Pepe Hidalgo also applies an aging process in different phases, with the particularity that toasted barrels with volcanic stone from Iceland have been used, which give the wine nuances that make it unique. This Ceramic Sauvignon Blanc, of which just over 2,000 1.5-litre magnum bottles have been bottled, is an oenological jewel.

Within the same range of wines, Ceramic Monastrell has obtained a score of 92 points. A wine with an intense, dark red color with lively edges. On the nose, the aromas of ripe plum, licorice and notes of coconut and vanilla stand out. In the mouth it is broad, robust, with sweet tannins and elegant acidity. Leaving the memory in the mouth of these very ripe red fruits.

Finally, Clos de Gallur has been scored with 91 points. It stands out for its ruby ​​red with reflections of the same color. High intensity of ripe red fruit with excellent complexity and a delicate memory of new oak wood. Fleshy, with very polished tannins. Round, elegant and with a very long finish.

These high scores consolidate the winemaking project of Bodegas Vicente Gandia which, since the incorporation of its technical director Pepe Hidalgo, is launching new references of iconic wines onto the market that are positioning themselves at a very high level and are contributing to making Valencian wine more and more recognized and get better reputation.



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