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Bodegas Vicente Gandía, totally committed to sustainability

The Valencian winery continues with its action plan to reduce its carbon footprint.

Climate change is one of the main concerns of Bodegas Vicente Gandia, since its effects have a direct impact on agriculture, shortening the vegetative cycle of the vineyard, which means shorter harvests and therefore lower profitability.

It is therefore key, within our Sustainability strategy, to define a roadmap to, on the one hand, move towards the neutrality of our GHG emissions, in line with the Paris Agreement, the 2030 Agenda (SDG 7 and SDG 13 ) and the European Climate Law and, on the other, to advance in the mitigation and adaptation of their consequences for the continuity of our activity.

Bodegas Vicente Gandia, following this roadmap for decarbonisation, has launched a photovoltaic plant in the Hoya de Cadenas Estate for self-consumption of 100 kW of power in the first quarter of 2022. The main objective is to be able to increase our energy self-sufficiency capacity and reduce the consumption of fossil fuels.

With this action it is estimated that 68% of the annual energy demand of the Estate will be covered, avoiding the emission of up to 10 tons of CO2 per year.

This initiative is part of the line of action of Bodegas Vicente Gandía for the reduction of the carbon footprint, in which, in addition to the commitment to renewable energy, energy efficiency measures are included for greater use of energy and control of indirect GHG emissions, emission control measures for the prevention of direct GHG emissions and awareness raising measures for the reduction of GHG associated with the use and consumption by our staff.

Within the energy efficiency actions, we highlight those specific to energy-consuming equipment and installations, applying replacement strategies for more efficient equipment, working to improve performance with our engineering team, incorporating technology for monitoring and/or control, etc.

In relation to the control of GHG emissions, we have a rigorous plan for the control of fugitive leaks of fluorinated gases present in cold installations, a plan for self-control of boiler emissions and monitoring of fuel consumption of our fleet.

Lastly, raising awareness are cross-cutting measures that we cultivate by promoting the environmental culture of our organization, developing specific campaigns such as prizes for staff for sharing a vehicle to get to work, or improving the idea of month, among others. All this, always within a framework of training and information that contemplates the environmental aspects of our activity and our commitment to the continuous improvement of environmental performance.

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